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The Stressed Out Bride's Survival Guide.

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The Stressed Out Brides Survival Guide is such a simple and practical way to plan a wedding that even the most easily stressed girls would find it useful.

Both my daughters as well as hundreds of other brides have used "The Stressed Out Brides Survival Guide" with great success.  

Not only have they managed to have stress free weddings but they have also saved thousands of dollars.

 The youngest daughter effectively had a free honeymoon as a result.

If you'll allow me to I'd love to be able to do the same for you.

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Stressed Out Bride's Survival Guide.

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No matter what type of wedding you are planning......whether it is a small or private affair or something on a grand scale this guide will see you through without stress.

If you've already started planning your wedding then you will find some tips here that will help you with the rest of your plans .......simply find where you are in the guide and work from there.

This is not about stringing you along to try and sell you anything......I'll leave that to won't have any problem finding people wanting to take your money.

I plan to save you money.

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This Guide Will Help You:

                    Checkmark   Avoid or overcome the 3 biggest wedding planning stress factors.
Checkmark  Have the wedding you've always wanted.
Checkmark  Ensure that your wedding day goes exactly as planned.
Checkmark  Get the wedding dress of your dreams at the best price.
Checkmark  Save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on all things wedding.
Checkmark  Handle difficult family situations and still keep everyone happy.
Checkmark  Avoid gaining weight or help you lose some weight.
Checkmark  Tone your figure.
Checkmark  Get your H2B to help (and enjoy it!).
Checkmark  Avoid Mother-in-Law and family related problems.
Checkmark  Select the best vendors.
Checkmark  And lots more.

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I will forward any updates and items that may interest you - free of charge.

The Girls Think I Am Crazy ......

I've told them that it's not about making money but they still think I am  mad to give this information away.........they feel that the time  spent putting this guide together has got to be worth something.
I could probably sell it for $100.00 (or at least $75.00)
They do have a point but.......... it gives me something to do and I am only to happy to help others...... so it will remain free for the time being.

Here is what some of the other girls who have used this guide have had  to say about it:

I cannot thank you enough.  I heard about your guide even before I got engaged (Cheryl told me about it).
I never did anything about it until I was having trouble trying to keep peace with my H2B's family, especially my MIL. There was almost a war going on before I got your guide and I was at my wits end, to save the peace I nearly allowed her to take over. Thankfully I didn't - instead I got your guide.
The best thing I ever did.  Not only did I resolve this issue (and avoid others) but I am still very friendly with my new mum.
You're a real gem,

............I had a perfect wedding thanks to your guide.

I have just got your guide and showed it to my mum.  She asked how much it cost!!  I had to laugh.
It looks absolutely fabulous and I am now soooo much more confident about what lies ahead.  I was really scared that I might mess up.
Thank you so much I'm sure you have saved me a ton of stress.
Linda husband couldn't believe how much we saved.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We could never have done it without your help.
Elizabeth Crisp (Mrs.)

I had a fabulous wedding and everything went by planning. My sister also will your ideas use.  
Thank you always,
Helga Mauff.

......I was beginning to stress and when I stress I eat.  The last thing I need is to put on weight.  Your guide saved the day and I would happily pay for it.
Soon to be Mrs. B.

..... and he (h2b) happily agreed to help - I couldn't believe it.

Hi Guys,
My whole bridal party has ordered your guide.  When we went through it we couldn't believe the no nonsense and practical advice you give.  I will be following it to the letter and I am having 240-260 people to my wedding.
Georgina Vatikis.

I got the exact dress that I wanted for a fraction of the price.  
Mrs. JB
(Mother of the bride)

We budgeted $1,000.00 for the photographer but managed to get one for $386.00.  Wow!

Although we are only having a small wedding we have already saved nearly R1800.00 thanks to your advice.
South Africa

I'd love to help you get similar results.  

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The Stressed Out Brides Survival Guide.